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Meeting Location: Immanuel Lutheran Church:

We are continuing to work with Immanuel Lutheran Church and State regulations (regarding maximum gathering size) to continue our meetings in person. We are meeting in person AND will respect members' wishes to keep the online session going as well. We are doing both!


We appreciate your ongoing patience and encourage you to stay safe and healthy. Since we are meeting online, this is a great opportunity to invite others who might not be able to typically join us face-to-face.


We are continually getting great presenters from across the United States.


The Twin Cities Ancient Coin Club is composed of people interested in the coinages of ancient Greece and Rome and related cultures.


The club holds monthly meetings in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Visitors are always welcome.


We try to keep our meetings fun and interesting for all. Discussion of club business is kept brief. We have an educational presentation or round-table discussion at every meeting. We often have a brief auction.


Everyone is encouraged to bring items (coins, related books, antiquities) to show or sell.


If you are interested in ancient coins, art, archaeology, or history, please join us at the Twin Cities Ancient Coin Club.

Join us at our next meeting...


Thursday, October 28, 2021

7:30-8 pm Social Time

8-9:30 pm Presentation & Discussion


Topic: Welcome Back Party!

Where: 104 Snelling Ave S, Saint Paul, MN 

2021-22 Office rs

  • President: Open - Ryan McVay

  • Vice President: Open - Tom Barbeau

  • Secretary:  Open - Ryan McVay

  • Treasurer: Bob Stumm


Past Presentations

  • “Standardization and Quality Control of Ancient Athenian Coinage” by Dr. George Anastasopoulos

  • "Coins of Occupation: 2nd Punic War" by Justin Lee

  • David F. Fanning, Ancient Coins in Early American Auctions, 1869-1939.

  • The Images of Zeus on Ancient Coins

  • The Ephemeral Emperors & Their Numismatic Legacy

  • Roman Silver Coins of Ephesus

  • Domitian's First Commemorative Issue

  • A Counterfeiter Who Became a Philosopher

  • From Boyhood Friend of Alexander to Pharaoh

  • Coinage of Nero

  • Cleopatra: Ancient Egypt's Last Seated Pharaoh and Her Coinage

  • Counterfeit Ancient Coinage Through The Ages: Scourge or Collecting Opportunity

  • Collecting Ancient Coins from Accumulations

!! October meeting is in person !!



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Meet Our Members

Our members vary in age and diversity. We all share a common passion for ancient numismatics, ancient history and art.

Attend an upcoming meeting and expose yourself to collecting and history in a new way.

Ancient Coin Club Guild
Affiliate: Ancient Coin Collectors Guild
American Numismatic Association: Club Choice
Central States Numismatic Society: Club Member